High technology covers

High-performance and high-tech films, the result of research and our long experience.


Solex® 7 layers patented

You can't find better cover for any crop and for any climate area in the world.

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Super Solex® 7 layers patented

Air bubbles and glass microspheres for extremely effective cover for tropical crops (e.g. bananas) in very hot climatic areas.

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Agrilite® 7 layers

Have you ever tried a 7-layer air bubble cover? Thanks to the extremely small size of the bubbles, Agrilite, in addition to having a very high diffusion, boasts exceptional mechanical characteristics and resistance to aging.

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Aralux® 7 layers

The perfect cover for a more balanced microclimate inside the greenhouse. Very high brightness, exceptional light diffusion and extraordinary IR barrier.

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Huelvasol® 7 layers

Born from years of experience in the Huelva area of southern Spain. At only 90 µm thick, it is currently considered, in the opinion of the farmers who have used it, the best cover for the production of strawberries.

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Thermal covering films

The most suitable type of film for crops that require particular attention to temperature control.



As transparent as glass. Evalux® is a direct light EVA film with a very high total brightness and greenhouse effect. Thanks to these Evalux® features is by far the preferred cover for any type of cultivation when maximum brightness is required and a very high IR barrier.

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Agrilux® is a diffused light thermal film obtained with the employment of EVA, special polymer resins and mineral charges that is widely used to cover all types of crops especially in temperate climatic areas. The high values of brightness and barrier IR, inbound and outgoing, have made Agrilux® one of the best-selling films among those produced by Agriplast in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

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Agrisol® is a diffused light thermal film obtained with the use of EVA, special polymer resins and mineral charges that is widely used to cover all types of crops especially in temperate climatic areas.

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Serralux® is a diffused light thermal film designed for the cover of any type of crop in geographical areas with high solar radiation.

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The values of brightness, durability, mechanical strength and thermality make Agriterm® an excellent cover suitable for all crops in geographical areas with temperate climate (Mediterranean area or similar).

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Regular covering films

Covers suitable for situations that require good light filtration but do not require thermal insulation.


Agrifilm SHR®

Agrifilm SHR® it is a polyethylene film particularly appreciated for covering greenhouses in hot areas and on crops that require the use of treatments with significant amounts of sulfur.

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Più chiaro®

Più Chiaro® is used with great success for the protection of greenhouses and tunnels on all crops in geographical areas where a high thermal effect is not required.

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In geographic areas with a tropical climate, the control of temperatures inside the greenhouses is fundamental. Opalux offers an extraordinary shielding from solar radiation thanks to special mineral charges and milky white coloring.

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Vineyard covering films

Reinforced tarpaulins for covering vineyards and orchards with exceptional mechanical characteristics and excellent climate control capabilities.


Vignasol® 7 layers patented

Healthier plants, great advance capacity, temperature control and extraordinary brightness are just some of the advantages that this innovative vineyard cover offers.

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Agrivigna® is the Sheet specially designed for the coverage of grape, cherry and kiwi’s crops.

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Compostables/Biodegradables films

An excellent solution for more sustainable agriculture.


Agribio® 7 layers

The employment in agriculture of compostable-biodegradable films is doubtless an important innovation, this product has a low impact on the environment and solve the difficulties faced by the producers for the films waste disposal due to the mulching of the fields at the end of the cycle.

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TIF totally impermeable films

Barrier films designed for soil disinfection using chemical products, their exceptional impermeability prevents the release of substances into the environment.


EcoTIF® 7 layers

EcoTIF® is widely used to disinfect the soil with any type of chemical including DMDS and chloropicrin.

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EcoPIC® 7 layers patented

One film for two applications! Thanks to EcoPIC® it is possible to fumigate and mulch the soil with a single film, with a significant reduction in labor costs.

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Mulching/Solarization films

A range of films dedicated to soil care, from preparation to the end of the cultivation cycle.



Thanks to mulching it is possible to reduce the amount of water needed for cultivation, eliminate chemical treatments for weeding, reduce the presence of harmful insects, anticipate the vegetative development, control soil temperatures even under the topsoil.

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To achieve effective solarization in a relatively short time it is necessary to use a ground cover with films that are able to maintain as high temperatures as possible over time.

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Silage films

Film for covering and packaging of forage able to preserve its nutritional characteristics.


Agristretch 7k® 7 layers

Agristretch 7k® is an excellent solution for the protection of silage because it fully meets all the requirements required for this type of film ensuring a perfect preservation of nutritional characteristics.

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Agrisilo® and Supersilo®

The films Agrisilo® and Supersilo® are used to protect and store fodder for feeding animals. These roofing sheets have the function of maintaining as long as possible the nutritional properties of fodder avoiding phenomena of rotting and deterioration by fermentation.

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Agripack® is a clear film characterized by a high elasticity and high insulating power. Such film must be used along with a cover film to protect the silage.

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Siloguard® 7 layers

Siloguard® 7k, a stretch film for round bales which thanks to its reduced thickness (22 microns) allows the ensiling of 3 more round bales per reel compared to the standard stretch films available on the market.

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Double cover films

A sheet used in addition to the cover to mitigate thermal excursions inside the greenhouse.



Powerlux® film is an extremely effective gap to improve thermal insulation and control relative humidity in the greenhouse.

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Virolux® is obtained by adding to Powerlux® the special UV STOP formulation which is very useful because it allows you to exert a contrasting action on insects and vectors.

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