HUELVASOL® 7 layers

Huelvasol® is a diffused light thermal film made with a mixture of EVA, special polymers and mineral charges that thanks to its exceptional mechanical resistance and resistance to aging is widely used even at thin thicknesses with excellent results of both durability and resistance to the elements. Huelvasol® ensures great light and temperature conditions ideal especially for growing strawberries.

Huelvasol® is born from the experience of many years in the Huelva area of southern Spain and is currently considered by the farmers who have used it the best cover for strawberry production greenhouses. In its standard version Huelvasol® is produced at a thickness of 90 microns for the duration of a minimal agronomic campaign thus offering farmers extremely cheap and technologically very advanced coverage.

Thanks to Huelvasol® the kilograms of cover used per hectare have been greatly reduced with huge benefits for farmers and benefits for the environment. Huelvasol® is produced in 90 µm for a season.