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The use of plastics in agriculture and packaging allowed an extraordinay development of agricultural and industrial activities with significantly reduced costs and undeniable advantages for consumers. Although deriving from non-renewable sources, if properly collected at the end of their life, plastics have the possibility to be recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle for the creation of new products.

Sustainability in the strict sense for plastics processing companies is precisely the ability to ensure products with high performance by reducing the amount of virgin polymer used, this objective is in our opinion achievable by following two different paths:

- Reduction of the thikness.

- Use of recycled materials in significant percentages.

These results are possible by investing in research, experimentation and technology. On this path, Agriplast is among the first Italian companies to invest with determination, obtaining first significant results that already reveal an important prospect of developing sustainability.

Salvatore Cascone

Innovation of production processes

Reduction of the environmental impact

Innovative solutions for customer issues


R & D

Support for territorial development

Health and safety at work

Gender equality


The challenge before us is to combine development and environmental sustainability, as also established by the UN with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the sustainable development goals for 2030. For this reason, Agriplast has been working for some time on the creation of circular economy routes that can reduce the environmental impact of its products. The Plastica Seconda Vita certification, issued by the IPPR institute in 2020, allows us to realize these projects with extreme transparency, in fact the function of this certificate is to trace the materials used for all the steps of the supply chain, from collection through recycling to the creation of a new product.


The company is committed to spreading and consolidating a safety culture, developing risk awareness for all its operators because it considers its employees vital force and dynamic lymph of how to "do business"; the company encourages responsible behaviour on the part of all employees, adopting suitable working methods, ensuring adequate training and operating in full compliance with safety and prevention legislation; the company intends to use up-to-date technologies, suitable and increasingly lowered in the help for the employee, in order to eliminate unnecessary workload and/or fatigue situations.


231 Model and Code of Ethics


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