AGRIBIO® 7 layers

The employment in agriculture of compostable-biodegradable films is doubtless an important innovation, this product has a low impact on the environment and solve the difficulties faced by the producers for the films waste disposal due to the mulching of the fields at the end of the cycle. Agribio is manufactured in different colors and thicknesses in order to satisfy all customers in terms of durability and from an agronomic point of view:
Agribio Nero is the most sold version for the mulching process for winter and spring time crops ’s cycles;
Agribio Fumè thanks to its high heating power offers great advantages over early planting for winter and spring time crops ’s cycles;
Agribio BiancoNero allows a good control over the field’s temperatures, it is so recommended for spring and summer time crops ’s cycles.
In order to use Agribio it is recommended to follow the precautions as showed in Agriplast Warnings with the right procedures to use and dispose the compostable films.