Since 1975 we have been producing plastic films for the agricultural sector, packaging, geomembranes and manufacturing sector using the latest technologies, and the latest generation 5 and 7-layer co-extrusion production plants.

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For over 40 years, we have been looking for innovative solutions for agriculture, bringing our know-how all over the world. A large variety of products for all needs, wherever you are.

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Bio Shopping bags, FFS Tube, Shrink Films ... For almost 30 years, a fundamental component of our success.

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We are the only Italian producer of HDPE geomembranes intended for insulating landfills and reservoirs and for consolidating and securing river banks.

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Thanks to our constant commitment to research and innovation, we are now able to produce 7-layer, high-performance films for the industrial and construction sectors.

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11 February 2022

Solaris by Agriplas, the film that protects against the New Delhi virus

[…] “It is an extraordinary technical means, as it enables us to reduce treatments by 90%. For a company like ours, which covers 40 hectares, the […]
6 December 2021

An alternative to TNT cover sheets

Powerlux PNP by Agriplast, a protection sheet for open fields […] As a producer of plastic films for agriculture and horticulture, we can offer an alternative […]
18 October 2021

Machines create recycled plastic films

The forefront of innovation […] Agriplast is a company that produces plastic films for the Italian agricultural and horticultural industry. They are currently using 7 and […]
4 October 2021

A coverage of merely 90 microns throughout two strawberry tree campaigns

Huelvasol by Agriplast […] Reducing costs and environmental impact in agriculture has become, in recent years, one of the key elements for a sustainable development. In […]