The challenge before us is to combine development and environmental sustainability, as also established by the UN with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the sustainable development objectives for 2030. For this reason Agriplast has been working for some time on the creation of circular economy paths that can reduce the environmental impact of its products. The Plastic Second Life certification, issued to us by the IPPR institute in 2020, allows us to carry out these projects with extreme transparency, in fact the function of this certificate is to trace the materials used for all stages of the supply chain, from collection to recycling until the creation of a new product.

Ecoagri Packaging products

FFS Tube Ecoagri

Our FFS tubes for bag making used in agriculture and factories have a high strength and offer great sealability thanks to their coextrusion technology.

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Stretch-hood Ecoagri

The expandable elastic tubes for cold capping of pallets have excellent mechanical characteristics, the unique composition of this packaging is ideal for all types of products.

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Thermo Ecoagri

Ecoagri shrink wrap, with recycled plastic certified "second life plastic", represents a technical solution for bundling and despite the presence of regenerated it has excellent mechanical characteristics.

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